Brasil Trekking - Vale do Capão - Chapada Diamantina


How to get here


By Bus:

 From:   Salvador-BA to Palmeiras-BA

Bus company:   Viação Real Expresso    -    6:00 hours journey

Departures from Salvador twice a day at night and early in the mornig everyday. Once you've arrived in Palmeiras at the bus station there is a van to bring passengers who go to Capão Valley.


From Brasília to Seabra 

Bus company : Viação Real expresso  15 hours journey

Departures from Brasília once a day in the afternoon near to 5:00pm arrival in Seabra near 7:00am .

 To go to Capão look for a micro bus  on the main square departure at noon (12:00)

By Plane:

Flights:       Salvador - Lençois- Salvador   on Sunday and on Thursday.


From airport to Capão Valley you have to contact a taxi service.


Our  whatsapp  taxi service (75) 9 91185243 .


Have a Nice trip!

Rua do Cruzeiro

Palmeiras - Bahia                       Cep: 46 930 000 

Telefone:75 33441314

Whatsapp: 75 9 91927171


Brasil Trekking CNPJ: 17157139/0001-46

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