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          The Guide: Vinício B.  Rosa is specializes in regional eco-tourism and appeals mostly to the Brazilian and forenig publics, Trained in First Aid and use a "Safety First" philosophy with an extensive knowledge of weather conditions, plants and animals. Focused on serving the public that likes to travel, to discover new places, to go on adventures in almost untouched seats amongst the virgin nature, and to know people who lead a simple life. We carry knowledge about the local climate, vegetation and animals. We have a deep respect for the environment, and a constant concern with the sustainable development of tourism
          Acomodation:  At Capão Valley on small hostels or in a houses for people who lives here who open their doors to guest turists who want this kind of experience.  
          Pati Valley
                        A unique and beautiful experience. Its path will lead us through woods, meadows and mountain tops with beautiful views and lanscapes. In a isolated areas of the National Park. There is  only one way to get there, walking. For them, a few people who lives around the valley, the mules will happen to care  the goods. For us  trekkers,  keep walking
 Vale do Capão           Palmeiras - Ba  cep 46920000

Telefone: 55 75 33441314   celular:     55 75 9 91185243

Rua do Cruzeiro

Palmeiras - Bahia                       Cep: 46 930 000 

Telefone:75 33441314

Whatsapp: 75 9 91927171


Brasil Trekking CNPJ: 17157139/0001-46

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