Chapada Diamantina Mountains.              

Pati Valley


Fumaça waterfall

Vale do Capão

7 Days at Chapada Diamantina Mountains

 The Brasil Trekking makes de the best connection, you and one the most beatifull trekking in Brazil.

Green tour

Fumaça waterfall and Pati Valley

Sunset tour

fumaça waterfall- Pati Valley - Caves

Brasil Trekking

We are focused on serving the public that likes to travel, to discover new places, to go on adventures in almost untouched seats amongst the virgin nature. We put safety first. We carry knowledge about the local climate, vegetation and animals.
In these ways, we try to transform the trip of your dreams into reality.

    Pati Valley 

A unique and beautiful experience. Its path will lead us through woods, meadows and mountain tops with beautiful views and lanscapes. The hikes are led by guides who use a "safety-first" philosophy and are trained in first-aid and knowledge of local weather conditions, plants and animals ensuring that you have the best experience but also the safest experience possible.


On this service  we try to ofer  for those that have only a few days here and want to know this place but don’t  want to worry about logistic, places, bokkings, foods etc..


Rua do Cruzeiro

Palmeiras - Bahia                       Cep: 46 930 000 

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